“Prevention is the safest cure” —  which aims to be a global outreach; spreading holistic health, such as TCM, Ayurvedic and other CAM options for keeping people healthy – especially those who suffer from chronic diseases with no known cure.

The NY Cancer Control Society Group, part of the Mind+Body SoulUtions Alliance, will embrace collaborative approaches including a health care practitioner database, listing all participating practitioners of both Western and Eastern modules; endorsing both sides through working relationships  (I’m-Yunity & SportChi) of research endeavors, educational/corporate seminars and symposiums – just to name a few, which will be the “soul” purpose of the NY chapter of the Cancer Control Society Group.

Utilizing preventative measures, including diet & exercise; expert opinions, Q&A’s, advice, referrals, media relations, articles, interviews, for people and pets alike – “we hope to make available the option to CHOOSE”,  says Sherize Kharyzma, CEO of Golden Goddess PR & Communications Specialist. “We aim to deliver, define and explain all alternative health information and data available; making it easy for people to find and decide what’s best”.

“It takes full team work, and lots of effort, however each step makes a difference, bringing us that much closer to our goal – Whole (holistic), healthy, happy lives”, says Kharyzma.